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OZ6SYL 09.-23.09.2019
OP: DL3KWR - QTH Faxe Ladeplads - JO65BE - EU-029
TRX IC-7000 - tuner AH-4 - antenne vertikal 10m in a tree
575 "normal" CW QSOs
635 QSOs in CW part of Scandinavian Activity Contest
QSL: eQSLs are uploaded, papier cards are sure
QSL via bureau to OZ7AGR.
OZ6SYL is the Danish clubstation of the group
Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs (SYLRA)
visit also

These trophies
are a present on the occasion of mine
80. Birthday

Small statistics after
44 years
of amateur radio

193 000 QSOs
250 countries
1200 entities
2500 prefixes
1500 locators
780 contestes
98% CW
600 awards
57 diff. calls
20 diff. countries
3 CW clubs
6 YL clubs



The French YL Association had invited for the time from the 25th to the 31st August 2018 to a YL expedition on the island Noirmoutier (EU-064 IOTA).
16 YLs from 4 countries was coming. They had operated with from 3 to 4 stations in parallel.
My part: 940 CW QSOs almost only on 20 m - IC-7000 TRX, Ant. R-6000

World Radiosport Team Championship 2018 in Germany

VOTA Award
Volunteers On The air - assistants of the WRTC 2018 - give the VOTA numbers necessary for this certificate.
Infos in addition see

My VOTA-no.: DL-067

Membership of
Russian CW-CLUB
No. 1022

The special
contest success
in my
jubilee year -
40 years of amateur radio

Membership of
no. 103

Professional Radio Operators CW Club

The stamp
is executable by mail -
a present
of my family

design DL3KWS


2790 QSOs
including RA-DX-Contest
100 % CW
via bureau if you wish

new: paddle UNI-730A
from China via IK5HHA
International YL Meeting
Island 2014
Receipt by the president of the republic Iceland
Olafur Ragnar Grimsson

150 000 QSOs

The jubilee-QSO got on the 13th April, 2014 in the Gagarin contest in my log.

(CW-QSO with IZ4JMA)


Hotel Royal Orchid
Hotel Cais da Oliveira, ex Tropical

3 434 CW-QSOs - 66% WARC
incl. RADX contest
EQSLs are uploaded
paper cards on request
Total 35 000 QSOs from Madeira

22.-25.08.2013 SYLRA-Meeting
(Scandinavian YL Radio Amateurs)
QRV at hotel Prindsen in Roskilde
with IC-7100 as remote radio

100% eQSL and
100% traditional QSLs via bureau
manager OZ7AGR

more info see "Radio Operation"


Hotel Royal Orchid
Hotel Cais da Oliveira, ex Tropical

3 050 CW-QSOs - 54% WARC
incl. RADX contest
EQSLs are uploaded
paper-cards on request OK


Hotel Royal Orchid Canico de Baixo
Hotel Tropical Canico de Baixo

2 535 CW QSOs - 50% WARC
incl. RADX contest - eQSLs are uploaded - paper cards on request

125 000 QSOs

The Jubilee-QSO got on the 17th November, 2011
in the LZ DX contest in my log.
(CW-QSO with RN3AAB - Sergey in Moscow)

YL- radio activities
of district Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
from 01.06. to 31.07.2011
on the occasion of
FIFA Women's World Cup 2011


Hotel Royal Orchid Canico de Baixo
Hotel Tropical Canico de Baixo

3 371 CW-QSOs - 54% WARC
incl. RADX- and SPDX-contest
EQSLs are uploaded,
paper-cards on request OK


4313 CW QSOs
inclusive RADX and SPDX contest
QSL via DL-QSL-Bureau - email request
QSL via are 100% uploaded

Population and government of Madeira had removed the storm results of the 2/20/2010 in admirable operation as much as possible.