.I just wanted to understand
orse Code
but become a
Radio Amateur

Since 1975: DM2AEA - Y21EA - DL3KWR

Rosel Zenker - Kotkaring 1 - 17493 Greifswald - Germany -- email -- Locator: JO64RC01VH

Home: radio IC-7300, antenna G5RV, computer Windows 10, logbook HAMOffice, contests by Win-Test
Portable: radio IC-7000, tuner AH-4, antenna 7m vertical, notebook Windows 10, software Win-Test

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                                   What fascinates me in the amateur radio?

  -  The fact that a signal is heard in the fraction of one second at the other end of the world and the answer comes        back as fast.
  -  Also with an mean radio equipment (100 watts and wire aerial) one can "conquer the world “.
  -  The uncomplicatedness of the send in Morse-code.
  -  Without qualifying rounds one can take part in significant national and international competitions, even in world       championships, and form this participation individually. Competitions on the amateur radio happens not
            .     against each other, but with each other.
  - The precision of the QSO data management which the computer of the operator requires.
  - The quick transmission of helpful information on the Internet. 50 years ago the radio amateurs would not even          have risqué to dream of DX clusters, eQSLs, electronic certificates etc.
  - The inventor's mind of the radio amateurs to develop new, more effectual transference procedures. Also                  senior radio amateurs find new activity fields in these digital radio operations.
  - The challenge which is connected with every contest participation and with every Pile-Up. An operator have            only two possibilities: to consist in this radio operation or to switch off. - My pride, never I had to switch off.
  - Off the spectacular successful levels one can define my level individually.
  - The mutual esteem and acceptance, the help and solidarity as well as the amicable relations together, vast            over land borders.
  - With international meetings - I have taken part in many - it is more harmoniously than in some family.
  - The possibility with special call signs by special activities to popularise historical, cultural, sporty occasions           or to  appreciate the life and work of deserving personalities.
  - … and radio amateurs are not anonoyme persons.

It's not decisive the class of the license of a ham, but the class of the ham with a license !

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