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The QSL cards in a showcase of the technical college was for me not mean anything.

The CW signs of my OM's QSOs made me curious to know ...
... so begann Christmas 1974 my private CW course.

In the month of December 1975 I was one of a course for amateur radio operation in Schönhagen near Berlin only for womens.

After 2 week I became DM2AEA !

The beginning was hard. Only 20 watts, only 80 meters and only CW. The skandinavien OMs was much patient. It was so very helpful, to been sure in radio operation.

30 watts - 2 bands

the first success

Hardy's 5-band-home-made-
TRX with PA 120 watts out
antenna G5RV
1986: TRX Teltow 215d
GDR-Championship - 3 x place 3
paper log of Y21EA

The QSLs since 1975


On the 07th June, 2009
came in the IARU Fieldday CW
with the club station G3UES / p,
of the Echelford amateur radio Society,
Ashford Middlesex
the 100,000. QSO
in the log.